The Insurance Office OF THE DIOCESE serves all Diocesan parishes, schools, and missions. The Self Insurance Program provides every entity with coverage for the following lines of insurance: Property, Named Storm Damage, General Liability, Auto, Workers Comp, Crime and Facility Use Insurance.

The Self Insurance Program booklet provides details on the insurance program. Included in the booklet is a complete explanation of the program. It also includes Accident Report forms, instructions for calling in a claim to the Gallagher Bassett claim line, what the deductibles are per line of coverage, etc. This book is easily accessible here and is downloadable for your convenience. Also, you can find the request form for Certificate of Insurance, Facility Use Insurance, and instructions for purchasing Facility Use Insurance online.

below are forms and contact information regarding the self-insurance plans.
Accident Report

Protected Self-Insurance Program (rev. December 2017)

Certificate of Insurance Request Form - Paper form to be used to request a certificate of insurance when using non-diocesan property or services.
Purchase Facilities Insurance

Online Only

K & K Insurance

Step by Step Insurance

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